October 5, 2011


Posted in mousie at 8:32 pm by Anonymouse

What’s your favorite vegetable?

The other night when I was out with the girls, I had the choice between broccolini (which isn’t fooling me, by the way…it’s broccoli) and asparagus.

That’s like asking me to choose between two different forms of torture.

Since in my mind eating broccoli is like chewing on a sponge, I chose the asparagus.

I was mocked and willingly said I would eat a bite.

Which I did.

When asked how it tasted, I responded with the truth.

It tasted like a vegetable.

I mean I could have eaten more than a bite and probably not thrown up, even just a little bit in my mouth.

But I had already eaten a bowl of soup.

I had a delicious steak and fabulous mashed potatoes on my plate.

And dessert was coming.

While I can put the food away, can anyone explain to me why I would waste room in my stomach by filling it with asparagus when all of that other stuff was begging to be eaten?

So, then I was asked what my favorite vegetable was.

Since even I don’t count potatoes or corn as vegetables, I was stumped.

I chose green leaf lettuce, but tonight I realized I was wrong.  I have a different favorite.

Red onions.

I love them.

I put them in pretty much everything I make.

I also heard they were like one of those magical superfoods or something.

I don’t know about that. Have the people who made that list had Nacho Cheese Doritos?

I didn’t think so.

So, my answer is red onions.

Now we can all sleep tonight.




  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I will eat your veggies. I have always liked veggies. I don’t like all of them or anything crazy like that (I am only starting to like onions, after years of working on it), but I would rather eat vegetables than a lot of stuff.

  2. Brittany said,

    You know my theory- things that grow in the ground taste like….DIRT! I do, however, try VERY hard to eat them daily. I like broccoli (steamed) and asparagus. However, broccoli needs some cheese (yum) and I prefer to eat asparagus grilled with lemon, olive oil and salt/pepper- to disguise the DIRT taste.
    Red Onion- Love it.
    Easy to munch on ….not quite!

  3. darci said,

    I don’t really like broccoli at all…especially if it’s over cooked and spongy. However, I LOVE asparagus. Lots of garlic with it.

  4. Kelly said,

    I am getting better at eating vegtables. When I was a kid, most of our veggies came from cans. Eww.

    My sister makes this delicious raw broccoli salad with lots and lots of garlic, and parmesan cheese, but broccoli and my belly hate each other. I’ll leave it at that.

    Corn counts as a veggie, salad counts as a veggie, and so do yummy tomatoes in my book.

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