October 12, 2011

in which i don’t even mention the word insomnia

Posted in mousie at 8:22 pm by Anonymouse

I don’t even know if I can focus right now because I’m watching Survivor and this is the nastiest challenge I have ever seen.

So, I had this really dramatic and comedic retelling of yesterday morning’s events to memorialize forever on the blog.

But I’m just not feeling dramatic and comedic.

Me. No drama? Shocker. I know.

It basically went something like this:

– bad night of sleep

– baby wakes up fussing around at 4:15ish

– I lay there waiting for baby to settle down

– the fussing around escalates

– I get up to go find the binkies that have gone overboard (can someone just invent a crib mattress with safely attached binkies, please?)

– as I’m debating whether or not to move the crib to retrieve three of the four lost binkies, I hear Baby Swiss crying at the door saying her pants are wet

– I go grab a camera, a pen and the baby book to record baby’s first bed-wetting

– or maybe I decided definitely not to move the crib and just tossed the lone found binky into the crib and suppressed the urge to laugh out loud

– I stripped wet panties and pants off the kid and tossed them into the washer before tossing her onto the potty

– then I did the hand test to assess just how much of the bedding was wet

– oh yes I did

– I was in luck, it was only the fitted sheet – God bless the inventor of the waterproof mattress pad

– I definitely stripped off only the fitted sheet, started the laundry and put my kid back to bed on top of the mattress pad

– but not before I gave her a quick wipe down with a soapy wash cloth

– because there was no way she was going to have a bath between then and when we needed to leave in the morning

– all the while she is very concerned about Elmo (who was in her bed the whole time)

– then I went back to bed and just laid there for an hour and a half not sleeping

– then I realized I had set my alarm for Sunday at 6:15 instead of just 6:15

– and I was kind of glad I hadn’t fallen back to sleep

– but only kind of

The End.

Now just imagine that I told that in a really dramatic and funny story-telling kind of way and we can stay friends.



  1. sandra dee said,

    I laughed out loud!! πŸ™‚ Does that mean we can still be friends?

    and, chips and salsa night soon!!

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Yeah. We’ve been getting variations those nights a lot lately. I’ve started bribing Elizabeth with hot chocolate in the morning if she does no crying all night.

  3. Kelly said,

    The missing binky in the night crying is just the worst. I swear that there were nights when I put Mea to bed with 10 nuggies, and she would still wake up because she couldn’t find one. I started leaving several on my nightstand, so I wouldn’t have to search her room in the dark.

    Score on pee just on the fitted sheet. So much better than the whole bed.

    That challenge last night was sick. I can’t believe that they went back to camp and ate that. Just one more thing that proves that although I love watching Survivor, I would never be cut out for it. πŸ™‚

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