October 15, 2011

just some things

Posted in mousie at 8:31 pm by Anonymouse

  • I’m hoping to have some really big really, good news for you tomorrow. Please keep in mind my tendency toward the dramatic before you start thinking it’s something you might actually even care about.
  • Today we went to a local cider mill/pumpkin patch. We ran into friends from our life group and then we ran into an old high school friend of mine who lives in the area, but who I haven’t seen in five years. My mom was right – you should always be on your best behavior because you just don’t know who you might see.
  • When going to the local cider mill/pumpkin patch, be advised, you should take cash. I ALWAYS have cash. And I had cash today, just not much. And I just happened to think it would be a random good idea to put some quarters in my pocket and I’ll tell you what…without those quarters, we would have been taking Baby Swiss to Chuck E Cheese or something to make up for the cider mill/pumpkin patch tease. That’s right…we paid our way in with one $5 bill, a bunch of $1 bills, five quarters and a bunch of nickles and dimes. In all of my 50.5 weeks of my 30s, I’ve never felt more like an 8 year-old.
  • My dad has a twitter account. I promise he sounds hipper than he actually is.
  • Pipsqueak is taking steps. I promise, this is my favorite age ever. This is the age that could push me into the third-baby-wanting zone. Let’s hope for all of our sakes that she turns really naughty really fast, right?


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I never have cash. I took just a little to our pumpkin patch on Friday and spent all of it except three dollars. And today, we had to borrow a quarter from the car dealership.

    Is the really big news that you are moving down the street from me? I would find that exciting. There is a house for sale at the top of the street that I think you’d like.

  2. Kelly said,

    We would have been in big trouble. I never have actual money. Ever. Considering where I work, you would think that it would be easy access, but I always forget.

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