October 16, 2011

the conclusion, i hope

Posted in mousie at 9:33 pm by Anonymouse

I do believe I teased some really big, really good news yesterday.

It’s safe now to share.

Although if you follow me on twitter or are fb friends with me (which I think covers both of my readers, holla!) you already know the joyous announcement.

I am now the proud owner of three matching Christmas dresses – and faux fur vests – in three different little girl sizes!

I might have no life and I might have blogged about the Christmas dresses once or twice before.

The gist of the story is that I bought Christmas dresses – and faux fur vests – last December on sale (and with a coupon!) for my girls to wear this year for Christmas.

Well, this was before Pipsqueak turned out to be a teeny tiny baby.

She was all “Mama, I don’t want to match my sister at Christmas, so I think I’ll just stay all little and stuff, so my Christmas dress – and faux fur vest – won’t fit me until summertime.”

And I’m all, “Mama is so happy when her girls match and matching at Christmas in non-negotiable for at least the next few years, I will outsmart you, teeny tiny baby.”

Outsmart her I did.

Ebay saved the day.

I was going to have to buy Pipsqueak a new Christmas dress anyway, and I would have had a very hard time not buying a matching one for Baby Swiss, so this really was the very best alternative.

Now, if anyone knows of a little girl who wears size 12-18month and would like to match my daughters this Christmas season, I have a brand new Christmas dress – with fur vest – for sale.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    See, last year you should have gotten that third dress that you dreamed about.

  2. darci said,

    Are you putting it on ebay?

  3. Kelly said,

    You had me going for a minute yesterday. I really thought maybe we were talking about a new little Gouda.

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