October 18, 2011

you’re welcome

Posted in mousie at 8:38 pm by Anonymouse

I have a couple of facebook friends that just drive me crazy and almost everything they post – no matter how seemingly innocent it is – makes me roll my eyes and/or feel irritated.

And yet they are like train wrecks and I’ve been unable to look away.

Until today.

I finally blocked them.

I’m over it.

This of course also makes me wonder who sees me and wants to roll their eyes and/or feel irritated.

I don’t really care, but I do wonder.

I feel the same way about parenting.

There are certain things that we have seen other parents do or not do that have made us say: “our child will not be the child that ______”.

It’s been good for us actually and so far we’ve followed through.

Although I’m sure there are things that we do as parents and our kids do that other people see and say, “our child will not be the child that _______”.

They probably call it the Mouse rule.

Maybe it has to do with letting 3 week-old babies eat french fries.

Whatever it is, to those people I say… “you’re welcome”.


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  1. Rach said,

    Pretty sure that was me. I’m sorry!

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