October 27, 2011

won’t you be my houseguest

Posted in mousie at 7:13 pm by Anonymouse

An update on the mouse situation.

Because I know you’re [both of you] losing sleep over it.

We caught one mouse in the kitchen.

A victory, but we’re not sure we’re done with the kitchen battle yet.

The trap in the basement was missing, but has now been found – approximately 10 feet from where it had been set.


Something is toying with us.

And I’m not going to tell what else we found.

Because it is way too disturbing to talk about snakes.

Yes, snakes.

Not snake.


Dead snakes, but did you know that dead snakes are still snakes?

Imagine how many mice we’d have if not for the snakes.

We’re so lucky.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    AAAHHHHHHH!!!! AAHHHHHHHH! And I just looked at Twitter and saw the picture of the snake and I WILL NOT BE SLEEPING TONIGHT.

    I can never read your blog again.

  2. sandra dee said,

    Again, you know the garage door code! Is there such thing as a snake trap?

    My husband is so excited to hear what Mr. Mouse did in the situation!

  3. Sarah Abrahams said,

    Eeek! You poor thing. I hope your uninvited guests are gone soon.

  4. circaeightyeight said,

    bet you’re re-thinking living in that house forever, huh?

  5. Kelly said,

    Yikes. Snakes and mice? The snakes didn’t get the memo about this being a mouse house only.

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