October 29, 2011

bullet points from my phone

Posted in mousie at 8:11 pm by Anonymouse

– I don’t know how to make the actual bullets on my phone.
– I finished Pipsqueak’s tutu and it is hilarious. It looks like something one of those little organ grinder monkeys would wear.
– Maybe next year she should be an organ grinder monkey for Halloween.
– Baby Swiss has started the bedtime stall. Well, it’s actually the post-bedtime stall. Tonight she called me upstairs after Mr. Mouse put her to bed and said “Can you wemind Daddy to wemember to give me my vitamin after bweastfast in the morning?”


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Well, vitamins are very important. Elizabeth asks for hers at least seven times per day.

  2. Kelly said,

    She just is making sure you won’t forget. She’s worried that alzheimers is setting in early…:)

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