November 15, 2011

things that have been happening

Posted in mousie at 8:57 pm by Anonymouse

Birthday party.

I’m tired of thinking in six colors.

If I never bake another cake, it will be too soon.

No big deal. She gets this messy at every meal.

She cleans up nice too.

Pediatrician said an iron deficiency is probably to blame for the hair pulling, so I went to three stores to buy the infant vitamin drops with iron.

Good news: the occasional ponytail is back.

What’s cuter than one Pipsqueak? TWO Pipsqueaks.

And both of those Pipsqueaks fell of the weight chart at the doctor’s office.

A certain someone had their first ballet show.

She was not in the mood to take pictures. We will try a re-shoot one of these days maybe.

She did not stand on the stage and cry, so I consider it a win.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Dude. I am going to need more about the birthday party than that.

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