November 16, 2011


Posted in mousie at 7:42 pm by Anonymouse

Pipsqueak was up several times in the night last night.

A reasonable guess at the cause seems to be molars – which she is getting.

Who knows with these babies though – there is no use in spending too much time trying to figure them out.

So, I kept getting up in the night and I was cranky about it until that stinker in the fleece footie pajamas would snuggle right into me.

It’s hard to be mad about that.

It’s rare that I feel like I am 100% what someone needs in any particular moment and in those moments in Pipsqueak’s room last night, I was it.

And maybe she was just what I needed right then too.

Or maybe she was second after uninterrupted sleep.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I was up like four times last night too. I actually enjoy a rare middle of the night cuddle, but not when it happens too often.

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