November 20, 2011

speaking of not imitation cheese

Posted in mousie at 10:00 pm by Anonymouse

Tonight I went to a big annual church banquet.

It was good and fun and all of those things.

And I ran into almost all of my friends afterwards, which is fun and kind of rare in a room of about 840 adults.

Speaking of about 840 adults, you guys I’m such a dork.

When everyone was standing up singing together, I totally geeked out over the idea of all of us being in one place on exactly the same page.

Our church is a multi-campus church and there are different services at all of the campuses, so this is really the one time of year that we are all (all of us who attend) in the same place at the same time and there is something super cheesy and great about that.

Speaking of super cheesy, three years ago at this banquet, I have this memory of a group of friends making a circle with us and praying because the very next day Baby Swiss would be born.

And then I left and went straight to the hospital to visit with T for awhile.

Ah nostalgia.

Speaking of nostalgia, don’t go looking back through photos from almost three years ago of the day your baby was born.

You will get teary.




  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Three years! I cannot believe it!

  2. addy1013 said,

    i remember that night!!! and the year before that i couldn’t go to that night because i was holding my now four year old. :/ who told them they could get big?! don’t you have some sort of authority in this area???

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