November 22, 2011


Posted in mousie at 7:27 pm by Anonymouse

Our speaker at our mom’s group today – who is super foxy by the way (Hi B!) – talked about family traditions.

It kind of makes me get all sweaty and a little dizzy to think about starting something that I have to continue year after year, so I haven’t yet started any fun holiday traditions for our girls.

I mean we get the nativity out and play with it and talk about all of the Christmas stuff and whatnot and we have a tree and presents, but that’s about it.

I think we will be people who – at least sometimes – travel for Christmas and I’m okay with that.

I get that sometimes people want to stay home with their kids and establish actual Christmas day traditions for their nuclear family – and I see some value in that and I can see where it would be nice and easy.

I think that for us – at least for now (I reserve the right to change my mind!) – our traditions will be being with extended family – wherever that might be.

I did get some good ideas this morning, so maybe I’ll get around to implementing them.

I’ll tell the blog my favorite idea (for now), for a little accountability…

Tiny Boxes.

I think the basic idea of tiny boxes is that it’s kind of like an advent calendar, but you just have 24 boxes to unwrap instead of an advent calendar.

Inside each box would be like 2 M&Ms (one for each kidlet), and a SIMPLE Christmas themed activity for that day – like “Read a Christmas Book”, “Talk about the Shepherds”, “Read the Christmas story in Luke 2”, etc.

Each morning, a box gets unwrapped and we eat the M&Ms and do the activity.

Tied to that is an idea about little scrolls that each has a verse from the Old Testament that is a prophesy of the Christmas story.

I think I’d maybe like to do the two together and throw the scroll in the tiny box with the other stuff.

Two birds with one stone, yes?

Anyway, for me to do this I need to acquire a bunch of tiny boxes, a bunch of SIMPLE Christmas themed activities (or maybe just a few that can be repeated), some M&Ms and motivation.

I’ve gone on longer than I meant to, so I’ll save the idea of little traditions in every day life for another day.

If anyone sees my motivation, please let me know.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I highly recommend the gingerbread house for a Christmas activity. It was cheap (like $8-$10 for the whole kit?) and easy and a HUGE hit last year with Elizabeth.

    Also, I am guessing you could find twenty four tiny boxes on Etsy. Tie each one with a little bow (with a scroll on the top?) and you wouldn’t even have to wrap each box.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Dude, buy a bunch of these: You cannot beat that pricing and the cuteness.

  3. Emily said,

    I was planning to do something like that this year. I already have boxes that we used last year to put candy in. I’m going to add a Christmas activity too this year, but I think most of them will be things that we already do…decorate the Christmas tree, drive around to look at Christmas lights, get out nativity, watch a Christmas movie (or two or three), etc. I’m sure I will post my list once I get it figured out.

  4. darci said,

    Please oh please let me know what activities you do. I made the buckets one. The buckets were SUPER cheap at US Toy and they have free shipping on everything.

  5. sandra dee said,

    We had a blessing our neighbors party….maybe we could have a tiny boxes party! 🙂 I’m game!

  6. Sherri said,

    You know I love tiny boxes and adding the scroll is perfect! Hope your littles enjoy it as much as ours did!

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