December 13, 2011

here i am with some randomness

Posted in mousie at 8:24 pm by Anonymouse


I’ve got nothing to say mostly.

I held a tiny little baby today.

Well, he’s not that tiny and little, but he’s only 8 weeks old.

He loves me.

I have liquid cheese in my future.

Baby Swiss was wearing leopard print leggings today and people kept telling her they liked her tights and she of course said nothing resembling a “thank you” because she doesn’t acknowledge people out in public unless you count averting her eyes and hiding behind my legs.

Then, we’re driving home and she is in her seat in the van holding her baby and a stuffed bear and I hear Baby and Bear talking to each other…

“They aren’t tights, they’re pants.”

“Oh, they’re pants.”

“Yes, they are pants. They aren’t tights.”

“I like my pants.”



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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I love her tights/pants conversation. Elizabeth doesn’t say thank you when complimented on her cuteness in public either. She just screams NO like someone just gave her the Stranger Danger lecture.

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