December 15, 2011

she didn’t even tip me

Posted in mousie at 7:24 pm by Anonymouse

I’ve been waffling for weeks on whether or not to cut Pipsqueak’s hair.

It is long (relatively) on top, long in the back and short on the sides (see also: my baby used to pull her hair out in handfuls).

Certainly mullet-ish.

The general consensus of the polled public seemed to be to leave it alone.

But I just kept thinking about it.

And that made me think two things:

1. Clearly I wanted to cut it even if other people told me not to or I wouldn’t still be thinking about it.

2. It’s hair and it will grow back, so what did I have to lose? (I’m not sentimental about baby hair, so I didn’t have that to lose.)

So, here is the before:


And here is the after (pay no attention to my messy kitchen counter – it pretty much always looks like that):


I’m glad I did it.

The short sides look longer than they did (when obviously they are the same length as before) since the difference between the sides and back is not as great and the back overall looks less unruly and more full (if you can describe baby hair as full).

I’m very clear that I’m in the minority here since NO ONE I asked thought I should trim it, but I am also probably the one person on the planet that cares the most about her hair, so I suppose it’s okay if swim against the current on this one.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I think it looks good! Elizabeth needs her hair trimmed. And she needs to go to the dentist, but I do not at all want to deal with either of these things.

  2. darci said,

    It looks good. When is my appt?

  3. sandra dee said,

    Yeah….I need a good cut! 🙂 You do good work! First hair cut! How exciting!

  4. Kelly said,

    Good job, Momma. Hair cuts help hair grow, anyone. Any stylist will tell you. You obviously know better! 🙂

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