April 4, 2012


Posted in mousie at 9:06 pm by Anonymouse

Tonight we took the girls to see Veggie Tales Live.

If you would have told the high school version of me who was first introduced to Veggie Tales via “Where is My Hairbrush” at a summer conference that I’d be seeing a “concert” when I was 31…

…well, I’m not sure what I would have thought. I probably was just busy looking for my hairbrush.

Anyway, Pipsqueak loved it.



She sat on my lap (which she doesn’t do) and bounced her little self and flapped her little arms every time they started singing.

Baby Swiss, sat like a solemn statue the whole time except when her friend was bouncing up and down; and then she bounced up and down.

That one is a follower.

We’ll find out how much she liked it by how much she talks about it in the coming days.

So, yeah.

Veggie Tales Live.

I bet you thought I was going somewhere with all of that.

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