December 11, 2012

i have a problem

Posted in mousie at 9:05 pm by Anonymouse

Sometimes I get the urge to take a marshmallow and dip it in the peanut butter jar.

This may have something to do with the fact that the marshmallows share a pantry shelf with the peanut butter..

Don’t act like marshmallows – both jumbo and mini – are not normal pantry staples at your house.

There is no room for judgment here.

Anyway, I’ve never actually dipped the marshmallows in the peanut butter because I’m afraid that it will either be gross, or so amazing that I will never stop.

So, there’s that.

In unrelated news, I wrapped some Christmas presents today.

This is a big deal because I usually wait until the night before the presents are going to be opened to actually wrap them.

It is much more enjoyable to see pretty presents under the tree.

And now I’m imagining looking at the pretty presents while I eat marshmallows and peanut butter.


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    I think I would dip the marshmallows in Nutella instead.

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