December 14, 2012

and now I’m off to find a cough drop

Posted in mousie at 8:52 pm by Anonymouse

Mr. Mouse and I went out to supper tonight.

That’s right, date night, baby.

And it’s 8:47 as I type this – in my sweats, on the sofa – so clearly it was a hot date.

Just kidding, it was great…I’m just sick.

Anyway, dinner.

We had a gift card that Mr. Mouse had been given as an “atta boy” at work, so we ate like royalty.

Just call me Princess.

Okay, we ate like a lot of people eat, just not the way we usually eat.

We ordered an appetizer.

And salad/soup.

And our entrees.

And dessert.

And we didn’t even use all of the gift card.

It was good food.

And good company.


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    I still remember doing that one night when Matt had a company sponsored dinner. We ordered all the expensive stuff and we ate. And I was pregnant with Elizabeth and she kicked me right in my full stomach and I threw everything up. I’m still a little mad at her for that. She owes me a steak dinner. A comped one.

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