December 18, 2012

preschool musical, yeah

Posted in mousie at 8:07 pm by Anonymouse

So, Baby Swiss is in preschool.

We’ll save the preschool versus no-preschool or two years versus one year debate for another day.

Or you know, for never.

Anyway, she’s in preschool.

She loves it.

We love it.

It’s been good for her.

Also, the favorite part of my day on Tuesdays and Thursdays is when Pipsqueak and I pick her up and they give each other the biggest unprompted hug.

It is total cuteness.

And Pipsqueak usually says something along the lines of, “I missed you at pwe-school, Daffy.”

While they’re hugging.

Anyway, so preschool.

Today, Pipsqueak and I go to pick her up, they hug, cuteness, etc.

We stop in the bathroom because potty training is happening.

And of course, the non-potty training child is the one to use the potty.

She comes out and a friend from her preschool class comes in and they have the cutest little exchange.

For some reason, it was really different to me than any conversation I hear her have with her friends that are children of my friends.

It was like I was getting this peek into this whole slice of her world that I’m not a part of.

And it was really cute.

And it really hit me that she does have this whole slice of her world that I’m not a part of.

And it’s totally normal and yet totally weird.


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