December 19, 2012

my brain is a scary place

Posted in mousie at 5:24 pm by Anonymouse

Tonight, I will finish wrapping all except for two presents (still waiting for a few things to be delivered).

I’m feeling the pressure of all that needs to be done in the next few days/week.

‘Tis the season to battle the stress of it all and remember what Christmas is really about, I suppose.

Then things happen like I notice the iron plugged in and realize that Mr. Mouse had to iron pants for himself this morning because I’ve fallen off the ironing wagon in a big way.

And I feel like a total failure.

And I worry that the house would have burnt (burned?) down had I not noticed.

(The iron does turn off after so many minutes and was not hot when I discovered it, but I don’t trust these types of things.)

So, to summarize: presents wrapped, failure of a wife, obsessive compulsive small appliance conspiracy theorist.

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