December 20, 2012

this is where you come to feel better about yourself

Posted in mousie at 7:41 pm by Anonymouse

Today it snowed.

It was our first official snow day from school too.

Of course, I had been hoping that the forecast was wrong.

You see, I’m more of an inside kind of girl and I have a potty training child and bundling up in layers to go outside in the cold – where you immediately feel like you need to pee – and then coming in after a few minutes is not really my idea of a good time.

Bad Mommy Confession #1: Baby Swiss KEPT ASKING to play outside and I KEPT PUTTING HER OFF all morning.

We did make snow ice cream this morning.

Ice cream. That is a snow activity I can get behind.

If adding cream and sugar and vanilla to something is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

So, Baby Swiss is begging to play in the snow and I’m throwing sugar at her to distract her.

Hand me the Mother of the Year award now. I’m ready.

She also begs to eat lunch and go to rest time because I had told her she could play in the snow after rest time.

Luckily, Pipsqueak played in her crib the entire 90 minutes of Baby Swiss’s rest time, so she went to sleep while Baby Swiss and I bundled up with the baby monitor.

Bad Mommy Confession #2: Knowing what a sissy she is, I purposely didn’t layer her clothes as much hoping that she’d get wet quickly and want to come in.

It sounds so much worse when I type it out than when I was just thinking it in my head this afternoon.

Don’t worry though:

We came.


We saw.


We snow angel-ed.

Oh, and she didn’t even sissy out for being wet.

How dare she?


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    Elizabeth made a snow angel on her bedroom floor the other day. And we haven’t worn our coats yet this winter.

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