December 22, 2012

an update on potty training

Posted in mousie at 7:35 pm by Anonymouse

So, potty training is going pretty well.

I’m actually feeling good about the decision to do it when we did – even thought it didn’t seem like the smartest plan.

It actually probably wasn’t the smartest plan, but I’m still feeling good about it.

Pipsqueak is doing really well. Not perfect. But really well.

I knew she had it in her.

We were at a Christmas party last night and a Grandma of an 18 month-old was asking questions about dropping binkies, switching out of the crib and potty training.

It kind of hit me – we put these kiddos through quite a lot of transition between the [approximate] ages of 18-30 months.

Is it harder on them or us?


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    Hmm, good question. I vote me but that’s because I’m really tired right now.

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