December 28, 2012

growing up

Posted in mousie at 2:53 pm by Anonymouse

Back when I was young.

You know, in my twenties. (Teenagers reading this: “gasp! that’s old!” Forty-somethings reading this: “gasp! that’s young!”)

So, anyway…back when I was young, I volunteered with the high school students at church.

I think if you do something like that and claim that you don’t have any favorites, you’re lying.

I suppose a more PC description would be something along the lines of “special relationship”, but that can also sound a little creepy and inappropriate, so whatever.

The goal would be that every student would be someone’s favorite.

Ah, relationships.

Anyway, in the last two days, I’ve gotten to have lunch with four of my favorites from the days of yore.

Three of them are full blown grown-ups. Two married. One with a toddler. Real life professional jobs.

It’s crazy.

I did a lot of my growing up with them. They just may not realize it.

They are older now than I was when I first met them.

Scattered about geographically, but friends always.

The other one is a sophomore in college. Learning the things that come with being a sophomore in college, away from family, on your own and yet not really. And learning in the classroom too.

She is passionate and sensitive and smart.

It does my heart good to get to reconnect with them and see the way their lives are going and what paths they are on.

Someday I hope my girls will come home from college or their grown-up lives and steal precious time away from their Mama to go spend time with adults that loved them through their teenage years.

Just remind me that I said that when my babies are ditching me when they come home.


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  1. circaeightyeight said,

    Thanks for making time for me! Love getting to see you. 🙂

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