January 6, 2013

living the dream

Posted in mousie at 10:06 pm by Anonymouse

According to my stats, someone happened across this old post today.

It’s funny because I saw that right after I was having a conversation tonight with some friends about infertility.

It’s such a strange and wonderful thing when that perspective kicks in.

My favorite is when they both lose it in the van.

And I’m driving in my awesome minivan with my two awesome kids being kids in the back.

It’s like I flashback to 2007 and think, I’m totally living the dream.

Because that really was my dream.

Not perfect kids that are always well-behaved and polite and adorably precocious.

Just hanging out in the trenches, being a mom to kids who throw fits and poop in their princess panties and refuse to eat supper and bang on cheap plastic “instruments” until your ears bleed.

And driving a minivan.



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  1. herewegoajen said,

    This is the best. šŸ™‚

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