January 13, 2013

dr. me

Posted in mousie at 7:47 pm by Anonymouse


I’m still sick.

I actually went to the doctor this morning though.

I had originally said I’d go Tuesday if I wasn’t better yet, then I moved it up to Monday and when I woke up this morning still feeling like death, I was done.


The conclusion to this is frustratingly anti-climactic.

Sinus Infection.

I buy sinus infection because my face has been on the verge of exploding for days.

But, sinus infection is a pretty puny diagnosis for how horrible I have felt.

I am claiming sinus infection as a complication of the flu because holy body aches and coughing fits, Batman.

Here’s hoping I’m on the road to recovery.



  1. herewegoajen said,

    Get better! Send someone out to get you a chick-fil-a milkshake.

  2. I never understood why people complained about sinus infections so much until I had a real one. It was horrible and definitely worthy of complaining! Hope you feel better soon!

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