January 15, 2013

sisters who beat drums together, love each other forever?

Posted in mousie at 2:49 pm by Anonymouse

Today at Baby Swiss’s preschool, they had these people who like to do African drum stuff come and do a little show for/with the kids.

Pipsqueak and I got to watch from a little walkway overlooking the gym.

At the end, they passed out all of these drums for the preschoolers to bang on and the preschool director invited any of the little siblings down to bang on drums too.

So, Pipsqueak and I headed down.

She was more than a little excited.

She ran right to Baby Swiss’s teacher and happily took her drum away.

She ended up sitting on the floor with Baby Swiss’s class, right next to her sister.

It was the cutest little thing to see them banging on drums together, and then I caught one minute where Baby Swiss had her arm around her little sister – proud and protective.

It melted my heart and almost made me forget all of the bickering they seem to manage to do all of the time.


Maybe if my brains weren’t permanently damaged from all of the drumming.


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    Awww! Let’s give them both a cookie.

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