January 16, 2013

the bicker sisters

Posted in mousie at 1:20 pm by Anonymouse

The children are bickering lately.

I know, this after I just posted yesterday about them being sweet to each other with the drums at preschool.

I don’t know if this is the new normal.

Or if the increase in bickering is a result of a week of sick mama and lots of tv time.

I’m kind of at a loss.

(Note: Not asking for advice. I find asking the internet for advice to usually be a mistake. Sorry, Internet. I love you, but you frighten me sometimes.)

I am certain that this will not be the height of the sister bickering.

I predict that will come in about 10 years.

However, I think (THINK) it’s my job to teach them some tools now to deal with conflict, so then when they are 12 & 14 and are bickering, I can say “I DID NOT TEACH YOU TO TREAT EACH OTHER THIS WAY.”

That’s what it’s all about, right?


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    I’m thinking that you need two soundproof boxes. Very, very large ones. With air holes. Soundproof air holes.

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