January 22, 2013

of sisters and babies

Posted in mousie at 9:08 pm by Anonymouse

So, my sister had a baby in September.

September 11th to be exact.

I know more people with that birthday than any other date on the calendar.

By a long shot.

It’s weird.

So, my sister had a baby.

And it is SO WEIRD to see her as a mom.

It was weird to see her pregnant too.

I don’t really get it.

I mean I have plenty of friends who I knew before they had kids who I’ve seen go from no kids to pregnant to parenthood.

Not weird.

My sister does it.


She’s older, so it isn’t even like my BABY sister had a baby.

I’ve had childhood friends who I’ve seen pregnant and parenting, so it doesn’t make sense to me that it is a thing about that.

Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?

And then, let’s talk about how two people who were parented by the same parents can grow up to parent so differently. 


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