January 25, 2013

purple and haze

Posted in mousie at 2:05 pm by Anonymouse

Yesterday morning, another preschool mom texted me asking if it was a special day at preschool because she thought it was, but her preschool calendar was at work.

I replied that it wasn’t, but that next Thursday is purple day.

Then, we got to preschool and the first two teachers we saw were wearing purple AND jeans (they don’t normally wear jeans except on special days).

We dropped Baby Swiss off, then went to wait to watch the opening pomp and circumstance.

Another teacher comes in wearing purple and a good chunk of her class is wearing purple.

Meanwhile, I’m sweating.

Maybe it was purple day and I was confused?

Then, Baby Swiss’s class comes out and at least half of them are in purple.

Crap, I really did mess up.

Yes, I was sweating it all because apparently I’m not as laid back of a mom as I like to think.

A few noteworthy things though:

  1. It was NOT purple day. Purple day really is next Thursday. The teachers must be allowed to wear jeans when it gets to a certain coldness or something. And a lot of parents were either confused or just feeling the purple when they dressed their kiddos this morning.
  2. Baby Swiss happened to be wearing PURPLE. Lots of it. Just not the purple I had planned on her wearing for purple day. Therefore, I was stressed about A. Being WRONG and B. My child wearing purple on purple day accidentally instead of on purpose.
  3. I have a problem.
  4. Actually, I have problems.
  5. Or, maybe PROBLEMz.

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  1. herewegoajen said,

    Haaa! I would have done the same thing.

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