January 30, 2013

if there were ever an un-title-able post…

Posted in mousie at 3:38 pm by Anonymouse

Well, Baby Swiss had her first dentist appointment today.

She was not the picture of cooperation, but she did pretty well.

She got a clean bill of dental health despite the fact that we let her brush her own teeth, she still uses fluoride free toothpaste (because we haven’t figure out how to teach her to not swallow – although this is ending soon), we’ve never flossed her teeth, and we waiting until she was four to take her for her first visit.

Color me relieved.

Because I was truly dreading taking her as much as I was dreading taking myself two days ago.

At least next time we have back to back appointments, so the dread – and the shame – will be limited to one window of time.

The upside: Baby Swiss has been showing her smile off all afternoon.

Not to leave Pipsqueak out…

During nap time today, she was not going to sleep and at one point (after had tired of being wrapped up in the curtains playing with the blinds), she was singing – rather loudly – Jesus Loves Me… at the top of her lungs.

It was so sweet.

And it was so cute.

And yet she was supposed to be quiet and asleep, so it was still naughty.

This is Pipsqueak all summed up: sweet, cute, NAUGHTY.

If she harnesses her personality properly, the child will be a millionaire by the time she is 25. If harnessed improperly, she will be in prison.


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    Elizabeth’s first dentist appointment was…yeah. Let’s just say I don’t want to remember that.

    And I love Pipsqueak.

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