February 2, 2013

born to be wild[cats]

Posted in mousie at 8:00 pm by Anonymouse

Today, some friends and I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend of ours.

I’ve been praying for this particular friend to get to be a mommy for years.

Specifically, I’ve been praying for twins for her.

Because if it’s going to be hard to get one, why not get two for one?

Guess what?


We’re expecting two sweet little girls sometime this spring.

And by we, I of course mean my friend and her husband.

And a little bit me.

Okay, not me at all.

But whatever.

So, the shower was today.

2/2. The perfect date for twins.

We originally wanted to do a tutu theme because HELLO, 2/2. TWO girls. Tutu.

But, another shower in her hometown was using this theme.


So we went with a Born to be WILD[cats] theme.

Because my friend and her husband met at college and are big Wildcat fans.

Oddly enough, none of us throwing the shower are Wildcat fans. The things you do for love.

Anyway, it was totally fun to do.

One of the other girls took the official photos because she has a fancy camera and she is good at that kind of thing.

I don’t have those yet and I forgot to take pictures of everything, but here are a few…

ImageAre you kidding me with the cuteness of these? My friend has probably made more than a dozen diaper cakes for all of the people in her life, so we wanted to do the ultimate diaper cake. At first it was going to be a HUGE traditional diaper cake and then we decided to go with these bad boys because they are a little vroom vroom, Born to be Wild-ish.

ImageLeopard print and purple tulle pom poms hanging from the light fixture. And food. Lots of food. And cute (sometimes clever, sometimes not) name tags for the food.

ImageI fanned those napkins with a jar of peanut butter. Thank you very much.



  1. sandra dee said,

    How you have blessed your friend indeed! And, the adorable diaper motorcycles were on top of a HUGE box of wipes!! 🙂 …Thankful!

  2. herewegoajen said,

    That looks like an amazing shower! Awesome!

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