February 4, 2013

soon, i hope

Posted in mousie at 8:25 pm by Anonymouse

My brain is fried today.

Today, I paid for the fun of letting the girls stay up late last night (with a babysitter in the basement with their friends) during the Superbowl party.

They do not understand “sleep in”.

Nor do they understand that a lack of sleep increases their naughty.

There was certainly much naughty today.

And many consequences.

And many conversations about how it is okay to be tired, but we are still responsible for our choices and actions.

Those went over well.

It’s all good though because come nap time, they didn’t sleep.

Now, the big one doesn’t sleep, so this did not surprise me.

The little one?

She needs her nap.

Except today she didn’t think she did.

So, we all paid.

It was worth it.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be happy to get back to normal.

Whenever that is going to be.



  1. herewegoajen said,

    I hope today is normal. Today. Immediately.

  2. Kelly said,

    I have learned the hard way that the longer the kids stay up, the earlier they wake up, and to be prepared for grumpy pants the entire next day. Mea will normally sleep until well past 9 if we let her, but if she stays up late, she is almost always up at 6. So frustrating!

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