February 6, 2013


Posted in mousie at 1:49 pm by Anonymouse

Pipsqueak choked on a Valentine gummy this morning.

It wasn’t a total choke, because she was making some noise, but it was a really weird noise.

She was super panicked too.

And blue-faced.

And I am normally calm when my babies have halfway choked or gagged on things (think of all of those learning to eat finger foods things).

I always just raised their arms (is that even the right thing to do?) and told them to cough it out.

In fact, as dramatic as I can be, I think that I tend to be fairly laid back when it comes to these parenting things.

Babies falling down the stairs? No big deal. Babies chewing on the toilet brush? Eh. Baby hit in the face with friend on the swing? Please keep the blood from your nose off of my clothes.

You get the idea. Basically we’re talking borderline neglect.

Today, though? Today, I was panicked.

Nothing I was doing was working and she just kept getting bluer and making that awful noise.

I was trying to decide if I should run across the street with her (our neighbor is a nurse) or call 911 (what if the neighbor wasn’t home?).

I don’t know how long it went on, probably only 60-90 seconds, but it felt a lot longer than that.

She was pretty freaked for awhile and stayed pretty close to me.

Which is okay, because I was pretty freaked too and maybe felt a little better having her stick close to me.

And now mommy will eat all of the Valentine gummies. They are clearly not for children.


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  1. herewegoajen said,

    That was scary. I’m glad she’s okay.

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