February 11, 2013

miscellaneous bullet points: note edition

Posted in mousie at 8:03 pm by Anonymouse

  • I’ve decided that I am no longer someone who blogs on the weekend. You’re welcome.
  • This afternoon was really nice. Baby Swiss and I made three Valentine Day cards and I nearly lost my mind waiting for her to write the letters I told her to write and trying to convince her to put them in the appropriate order. Note to self: RELAX. But after that, things were good.
  • We went to the post office along with everyone else in a 10 mile radius and the children were well behaved and slightly charming while we waited in line for the automated post office machine. Note to other users: if you don’t know what you’re doing, just wait in line and save the lady who was behind me from having a proverbial cow. Seriously, with the huffing, Lady.
  • Next up we went to Target to pick up a few essentials for the preschool Vday party and the girls were doing so well, I decided to press my luck and take them to Old Navy to find out what size of shoes they wear there. Note to Old Navy: please make toddler shoes in a size 4. Note to Pipsqueak’s feet: GROW.
  • And then, because things had been so happy and because Mr. Mouse was not going to be home for supper, I decided to be Awesome Mom and took the children to Chick-fil-A for supper, all whilst gushing about their wonderful behavior. Note to everyone: Chick-fil-A is not crowded on Monday nights.
  • Pipsqueak only tried to take her pants off once in the play area. Not counting the time she pulled the legs up, “I’m pulling up my sleeves, Mom.”
  • Speaking of clothing. I always wanted to be the mom who let my child wear whatever suited their fancy to places where it didn’t matter. Tiara at the grocery store? Sure, why not! Tutu to the doctor? Seems only fitting! So, Pipsqueak requested cowboy boots with her yoga pants and I shut that down in no time flat. Turns out I’m not that mom. And I’m okay with that.
  • And now for the icing on the metaphorical cake. Pipsqueak was in real panties (not princess panties, aka pull-ups) the whole time we were out. Now granted, she stays dry in her princess panties all the time when we’re out, but I’m generally conservative when it comes to this. I was clearly feeling very confident today. Note to self: figure out a way for her to fill out the rear of her pants now that we are without diapers.

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  1. herewegoajen said,

    I almost want to put Elizabeth back in diapers just so that her pants will stay up.

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