February 19, 2013

confession time

Posted in mousie at 12:03 pm by Anonymouse

  • My child is at someone’s house for lunch and play time and I’m terrified that she will be rude and/or naughty. She is four. Chances are, I’m right and she will be both rude and naughty. Also, chances are I’m worried that the other mother will judge me as a bad parent. I’m not sure why I care? I don’t care about the people who are judging me as I walk through Target with a screaming, fit-throwing child, but I care about the kind, Christian woman who has three young children of her own judging me? Do I judge other mothers so quickly – no, I’m usually just happy it is someone else’s turn (besides mine) to be having a kiddo who is having a bad day. So crazy how our insecurities come out. I feel like I could write a lot more about this. Perhaps another day.
  • I decided on a whim today to get Pipsqueak’s hair cut. It was her first legit hair cut. I’ve trimmed it in the back lots of times, but this was a real all over hair cut. Photos to come. I took her to the kid haircut place with the cars and cartoons. We were the only one’s there and I asked about ethnic hair. I mean I don’t know much about caring for ethnic hair and I actually have a head of ethnic hair that I’m responsible for. It turns out that they have someone there who is a pro at ethnic hair (Miss Roxy – which is a super great name). So, now I’m thinking of taking Baby Swiss for her first legit hair appointment, but I’m a little concerned about getting in trouble for doing everything wrong for the last 4+ years. Hi there, More Insecurity.
  • Hmmm…I’m sensing a theme here. I think I’ll wrap this up in favor of not sending myself into the downward spiral of doubting myself at every turn.
  • Now where are those chocolate bars?

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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I am sure that Baby Swiss was delightful and darling. She could never be rude and/or naughty.

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