February 5, 2013

that’s how we roll

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Date night to see On Golden Pond at the dinner theater with the husband and we were the youngest two people in the audience.

We will obviously be very experienced old people by the time we are actually old.

That’s all I have to say for now because it is after 9pm and I’m exhausted.


February 4, 2013

soon, i hope

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My brain is fried today.

Today, I paid for the fun of letting the girls stay up late last night (with a babysitter in the basement with their friends) during the Superbowl party.

They do not understand “sleep in”.

Nor do they understand that a lack of sleep increases their naughty.

There was certainly much naughty today.

And many consequences.

And many conversations about how it is okay to be tired, but we are still responsible for our choices and actions.

Those went over well.

It’s all good though because come nap time, they didn’t sleep.

Now, the big one doesn’t sleep, so this did not surprise me.

The little one?

She needs her nap.

Except today she didn’t think she did.

So, we all paid.

It was worth it.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be happy to get back to normal.

Whenever that is going to be.

February 3, 2013


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Superbowl Sunday is officially my favorite food holiday of the year.

And now I’m in a food coma.

February 2, 2013

born to be wild[cats]

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Today, some friends and I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend of ours.

I’ve been praying for this particular friend to get to be a mommy for years.

Specifically, I’ve been praying for twins for her.

Because if it’s going to be hard to get one, why not get two for one?

Guess what?


We’re expecting two sweet little girls sometime this spring.

And by we, I of course mean my friend and her husband.

And a little bit me.

Okay, not me at all.

But whatever.

So, the shower was today.

2/2. The perfect date for twins.

We originally wanted to do a tutu theme because HELLO, 2/2. TWO girls. Tutu.

But, another shower in her hometown was using this theme.


So we went with a Born to be WILD[cats] theme.

Because my friend and her husband met at college and are big Wildcat fans.

Oddly enough, none of us throwing the shower are Wildcat fans. The things you do for love.

Anyway, it was totally fun to do.

One of the other girls took the official photos because she has a fancy camera and she is good at that kind of thing.

I don’t have those yet and I forgot to take pictures of everything, but here are a few…

ImageAre you kidding me with the cuteness of these? My friend has probably made more than a dozen diaper cakes for all of the people in her life, so we wanted to do the ultimate diaper cake. At first it was going to be a HUGE traditional diaper cake and then we decided to go with these bad boys because they are a little vroom vroom, Born to be Wild-ish.

ImageLeopard print and purple tulle pom poms hanging from the light fixture. And food. Lots of food. And cute (sometimes clever, sometimes not) name tags for the food.

ImageI fanned those napkins with a jar of peanut butter. Thank you very much.

February 1, 2013

best school picture ever

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I had to post here for the sake of posterity.

And your amusement.

January 31, 2013

rules were meant to be broken

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I had something else to blog about tonight, but then I came home and found my baby in bed naked from the waist down.

No big deal, right?

I have this rule about always putting the children to bed with SOMETHING over their diaper/panties. Shorts, pants, bloomers, you get the idea.

No unobstructed access to diapers (when we used diapers – hallelujah for past tense!) and at least effort times two to nakedness.

Every night I go into Pipsqueak’s room after she is asleep and make sure her little naked feet are under the covers (because they never are).

So tonight when I got home from a Mexican birthday fiesta with some friends, I check on Pipsqueak, who – for reasons that are not pertinent – went to bed in only her princess panties (pull-up) and a tshirt.

Sure enough, she proved to me that my two layers on top of skin rule is a good one.

The child was laying on top of her quilt in a tshirt and nothing else.

Naked as a jaybird from the waist down.

You better believe I said a little prayer as I approached her bed that she hadn’t peed…or that if she had it would magically disappear in the half second between when I saw her and when I felt the bed.

Well, the Lord answered one of my prayers.

I don’t need to know which one.

January 30, 2013

if there were ever an un-title-able post…

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Well, Baby Swiss had her first dentist appointment today.

She was not the picture of cooperation, but she did pretty well.

She got a clean bill of dental health despite the fact that we let her brush her own teeth, she still uses fluoride free toothpaste (because we haven’t figure out how to teach her to not swallow – although this is ending soon), we’ve never flossed her teeth, and we waiting until she was four to take her for her first visit.

Color me relieved.

Because I was truly dreading taking her as much as I was dreading taking myself two days ago.

At least next time we have back to back appointments, so the dread – and the shame – will be limited to one window of time.

The upside: Baby Swiss has been showing her smile off all afternoon.

Not to leave Pipsqueak out…

During nap time today, she was not going to sleep and at one point (after had tired of being wrapped up in the curtains playing with the blinds), she was singing – rather loudly – Jesus Loves Me… at the top of her lungs.

It was so sweet.

And it was so cute.

And yet she was supposed to be quiet and asleep, so it was still naughty.

This is Pipsqueak all summed up: sweet, cute, NAUGHTY.

If she harnesses her personality properly, the child will be a millionaire by the time she is 25. If harnessed improperly, she will be in prison.

January 29, 2013

the paradox of the shower

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Last night I was taking a shower after Pipsqueak was in bed and while my mom was putting Baby Swiss to bed.

i.e. There were no children in the bathroom.

I almost tweeted something about it after the fact (I don’t tweet in the shower), but I didn’t because A. I don’t like to tweet about instances where I’m not clothed and B. I don’t like to tweet anything that could be misconstrued as me not liking my kids.

Anyway, it was a good shower.

I don’t have very many showers where I’m not listening to Veggie Tales on the ipod and/or referee-ing and/or hopping out sopping wet to take someone potty when they don’t end up even going and/or well, you get the idea.

So, I was enjoying my quiet, alone time shower and thinking of all of the things that I wasn’t missing.

And darn it if I didn’t start missing those things.

I mean, they drive me crazy sometimes, but I don’t want to take them for granted because all of those things mean I have my little squirts and well, they drive me crazy sometimes, but I don’t want to take them for granted.

January 28, 2013

my mouth is sore, i think i need ice cream

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I went to the dentist today.

I hate going to the dentist.

Like truly detest.

I’d rather go to the gynecologist than the dentist.

No lie.

I do appreciate being able to keep my clothes on at the dentist though.

I took Baby Swiss with me to check out what this dentist thing is all about.

Within seconds of being in the waiting area, she opened the lid on this bench and found toys that I had no idea were there.

Like a moth to a flame, I tell ya.

Anyway, the bad news is I hate the dentist.

I hate the song and dance of being called out (however nicely it may be) for not flossing regularly or using the fluoride rinse.

Speaking of rinses, remember when dentists use to have a cup of water and a little sink and that was how you rinsed your mouth? Old. School.

Anyway, the good news is I get to go back in two days to take Baby Swiss for her first dentist appointment (do not judge me for waiting until she is four).

And the even better news is I get to go back in a few weeks to get some fillings.

Oh wait, there is no good news.

The good news could be that I got a new toothbrush, but I am apparently a child because I was very sad to discover my new toothbrush was blue.

January 27, 2013

church minutia

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I missed church the last two weeks in a row (due to sickness and then travel) and was finally back today.

I don’t think I’ve missed two weeks of church in a row since my honeymoon which was 7 years ago.

Hard to believe it’s been that long ago, considering the fact that I’m only 24. Must have been a child bride.

Anyway, today I was back.

I missed sitting in the second row, which is really the first row because no one sits on the actual first row – what with being all exposed with no pew in front of you to protect you and whatnot.

So, next week (fingers crossed), I’ll be back on the front row. Assuming I get there before those fools who think they get to steal my pew AND I don’t get snagged for nursery fill-in duty like I did today.

Where are my “reserved sign” and velvet ropes when I need them?

I did get my parking spot today though.

The curb isn’t painted or anything, but it is most definitely my spot.

It’s kind of funny.

I grew up parking far away and sitting close at church.

And I still park far away and sit close at church.

So don’t even think about taking one of my spots.

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