February 12, 2013

here’s to a split personality and not making any sense

Posted in mousie at 7:33 pm by Anonymouse

So, this thing happened today. Or rather, more like a series of things.

I know it’s annoying, but I’m not going to go into details because it wouldn’t be profitable.

The series of things was semi church related and I adore my church and I’m certainly not going to be critical of my church. I surely know it’s not perfect, because hello – people are not perfect. But, I am not dogging my church here (or anywhere).

As a result of the series of things, a church staff member who observed part of said series brought her two young kids to my house during their nap time and brought my girls balloons and me chocolates.

And it felt weird to me.

I mean I’m not going anywhere. A little series of things is not going to make me leave the church. And everyone that knows me on staff knows this to be true.

But today, when that staff person brought my kids balloons and brought me chocolates and when she talked to me to let me know that she knew it was a rough morning, she treated me like someone she wanted to make sure wasn’t going anywhere. Like someone who she wanted to make sure felt like she was cared about.

And this is a new thing for me lately.

I mean I’ve been at my church almost 10 years. I’m involved. They know when they need someone to do something with amazing mediocrity that they can ask me and I will say yes.

I know I’m cared about, but I don’t need those extra steps and that’s kind of refreshing to be at that comfort level with my church and them with me. I mean really as far as I’m concerned, those energies can be spent elsewhere and I’ll be just fine.

Today was kind of refreshing too though.

And no one gets mad at chocolates, right?



  1. herewegoajen said,

    If she really wanted to keep you, she would have brought sweet tarts.

  2. Penny said,

    I think she just wanted you to feel better, not just to keep you. Just to let you know she cared. My pastor randomly texts or face books me to let me know my service does not go unnoticed and that my nursery and sunday school duties are appreciated. He is not trying to “keep” me. Lol. Twenty years of faithful attendance shows I’m going nowhere. ;). I think it’s like showing my family I love and appreciate them, even though they know and they’re not going anywhere. 🙂 I feel the same about my church “family.” And am thankful my pastor and his wife are always building and edifying their flock. 🙂

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